#08. Psychology of Self


#8. Psychology of Self

To know oneself was the first principle of many old psychological schools. To know oneself according to the principles of the system is to know oneself as a machine and the structure of the machine. A crucial property of the machine is that it is made of many different machines, a concept also expressed in the study of the four functions: intellectual, emotional, moving and instinctive. From the point of view of the system you have not one mind but four minds or centres which control your ordinary actions.

The structure of centres which embodies their initial capacities, strong sides and defects, belongs to essence. Their contents, all that what a centre acquires over time, belongs to personality. Personality however, is as equally necessary for the development of man as is essence, as long as it stands in its right place. To stand in its right place Personality needs to learn the truth about itself but it does not...

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#20 Ouspensky's Epilogue

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20. Ouspensky's Epilogue

“ I met this system in 1915 in Russia. There was a group in Moscow conducted by G. I. Gurdjieff, a Caucasian Greek who came to Russia from Central Asia. I learned very much working with these groups, but in 1918 I parted from them because from my point of view they began to lose the most important of their original principles. Soon after my parting with them almost all members of groups parted with Mr. G. Only four people remained with him.  I met Mr. G. again in 1920 at Constantinople and again tried to work with him, but very soon found that it was impossible. In the beginning of 1922 when I was already in London Mr. G. came to me and told me about his plans for new work which he intended to start in England or in France. I did not believe much in these plans, but I decided to make a last experiment and promised to help him to organise his work. At that time I already had groups in London....

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Aanmelden Introductie Seminar

Het introductie-seminar is bedoeld voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar een wezenlijke doorbraak ik hun leven. Het zijn mensen die een gezonde dosis scepsis met een open geest weten te verenigen en het hart op de juiste plaats hebben.

Het seminar is een unieke mogelijkheid om kennis te maken met het werk van NMG en StandUpCoaching. Op deze avond zal je een voorproefje krijgen van onze manier van werken, informatie over het achterliggende gedachtegoed alsmede ervaringen horen van mensen die reeds hebben deelgenomen.

  • Locatie: De Tempel | Damzigt 56 3445 PS in De Meern.
  • Aanvang 19:30 uur | Einde +/- 22:45 uur

Uw gegevens dienen alleen voor de registratie van het introductie-seminar en zullen niet aan derden of voor verdere promotie worden gebruikt.