#18. Psychology of Self Remembering



#18. Psychology of Self Remembering

 What are our chances for acquiring a higher state of consciousness? What are our possibilities for change? Do we stand a change to conquer our mental pitfalls or are we stuck with who we are?

We have a certain control over our movements but can we also attain the same kind of control over our thoughts, let alone emotions? Anyone with a little self-knowledge knows how hard it is to permanently change oneself. It can be done but this needs special training, very much time and the study of very elaborate exercises. Under normal conditions we can have some control over our thoughts, and the development of our consciousness. The mind is by far the most obedient to our will; that is, our mind, or the intellectual centre, so we have to start from there.

We have no direct control over most of our instinctive functions nor do we have much control over our emotions. We have no direct control over our consciousness but we do have some control overBut, if we have no control over consciousness itself, we have a certain control over our thinking about consciousness. By giving our thoughts conscious direction, we could get a moment of consciousness, we can, in this way, induce consciousness.

Directing your thoughts more conscious you have to follow certain steps. First, you have to get aware that you are not conscious. You are not present and can’t remember yourself. Most of the time you can recognise this ‘not-being-present’ by the expressing of some negative emotion or being lost in a positive emotion.

Second, you have to realise that your observations are bombarded by an incessant stream of thoughts, images, echoes of conversation, fragments of emotions, flowing through your mind and very often distracting your attention from observation. In the moment you start self-observation something in you starts imagination, and self-observation, if you really try it, is a constant struggle with imagination. Dealing with all these difficulties in trying to remembering oneself is actually an act of self-remembering. One must try to remember oneself while one is not remembering oneself.

Self-remembering, is a very difficult thing to learn to practice when it is based on an specific expectation. As one tries to remember oneself results will show up in the most unexpected ways. We have no command over states of consciousness but we can remember ourselves for a short time. We have to find the weak spot in the walls of our mechanicalness which is that special desire coming from magnetic centre.

Ouspensky says:

“Up to this moment our task has only been self-study. Now, with the understanding of the necessity for actual change in ourselves, work begins. It is the struggle against expressing negative emotions and imagination which has not only a psychological meaning, but it also changes the subtlest part of our metabolism and effects in our body.”

The general impact of our mechanicalness is the loss of energy. So if you experiencing a lack of vitality and full self-expression chances are that you are entertaining some negative notion about yourself or something or someone in your life. Realising this loss of energy can be the first step on the path of self-remembering. The system gives you all the right tools to break the chains and to disclose the unlimited possibilities of your inner potential.


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